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We at I S Infrastructures are committed to providing World Class Solutions to Civil Engineering Projects. We deliver innovative products, process and technologies that will drive results for customers for decades to come. Our team brings together first-hand experience and advanced technologies to solve all your infrastructural needs. Our aim is to provide the best service, with trust and honesty at the core of our values.

Our projects are substantially quicker to build than conventional construction schemes, often resulting in a 50% time saving on programme. Our method also results in significantly less disruption onsite with up to 80% fewer vehicle movements, a reduction in onsite resources and reduced waste when compared to traditional methods of construction. All our projects are fully fundable, mortgageable and insurable

Our Specialization

I S infrastructures is engaged in execution of Civil Engineering Projects with specialization in construction of Sewage Treatment Plant, Water Treatment Plan, Buildings, Highway Roads, Bridges, Mass Earth Work and Pipeline.

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Our Recent Projects

We present here just a few examples of our most recent projects, to show the diversity of our clients and partners, and of the projects we do with them. Due to the nature of our work we can not always share the details of the projects, and so these stories are mainly focussed on the methods and tools we used, and the results that we have achieved together